Short sassy haircuts with lots of fun color and texture are very on trend for 2012. Short haircuts are being seen everywhere on the red carpet on the likes of Emma Watson, Ginnifer Goodwin and Michelle Williams to name a few. The classic pixie is in, but the new 2012 twist is to have lots of texture and softness. A-line bobs are updated by looking more soft, sleek, and not as extreme. The softness of these cuts make it easy to stay looking feminine and also make it easier to morph your cut into different styles. Browse this short hair collection and consider taking your length to a whole new level.

Punked Out Pixie

As a pixie with some serious punch, this fresh take on the classic cut boasts feminine details and phenomenal texture. This tapered nape blends up into soft swirls of hair that frame the face beautifully. Add some small highlights throughout the top to make the color pop and shine.

Feminine Fringe

It’s the perfect example of how a longer pixie haircut can look. Long soft lines around the perimeter create tons of interest making you look totally fashionable and on trend for 2012. The sleekness and sophistication also fall into the healthy hair trend this year.

Romantic Waves

This longer bob has minimal layering but tons of texture from great curls. This style is so on trend right now and very easy to do. The soft waves look effortless and the length is a little past chin length making it very versatile for a shorter haircut.

Magical Movement

Emma Watson clipped her famous Harry Potter curls and started a new pixie trend. The amazing softness keeps this style fresh and girly with lots of movement on the top and around the perimeter. Pure magic.

Bob and Wave

This fresh take on the bob is fun and flirty. The trends for 2012 are starting with healthy and soft hair as their foundation. Soft shapes are created by breaking up straight lines with curls and waves. Even less edgy perimeters are created in this super cute style that is so on trend.