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10 most famous movie haircuts

We all just love movies! What a lovely experience is to watch a good film with quality making and really perfect acting?

There is some really remembering film roles wich had their famous status not because of good story or acting, but because of actor's haircuts.

Here are top 10 of this iconic haircuts:

  • Princess Lea'a bun in "Star wars"

  • Next by their famousity are Marge Simpson beehive from "The Simpsons" and Audrey Herburn's hair in "Breakfast in Tiffany's" as well as John Travolta's greased quiff in "Grease"

  • Next are Uma Thurman's sleek bob-look for Pulp Fiction, Rebel Without A Cause star James Dean and Elvis Presley's bouffant in Jailhouse Rock

  • The last few places in top 10 are Rita Hayworth's glossy auburn locks in Gilda won her a place at number eight, followed by Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra look and Sienna Miller as 60s icon Edie Sedgewick