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Hairstyles with hats

We can't wait for it to get all cold and blustery so we can pop on the most adorable of outerwear accoutrements—an amazing hat. But donning the perfect head-gear comes with its own dilemmas, namely, what to do with your tresses? Hat hair, by definition, isn't a typically sought-after look. And yet, we dug up six styles that marry cute hats with even cuter hair, allowing for wearable, envy-inducing looks that will keep you both warm and chic.

1. The Knit Cap: Besides keeping your noggin warm, the knit hat is a casual classic that's pretty effortless. It works with any length of hair but looks best when a bit of your locks are peeking out. If you have bangs, sit your hat back and sweep bangs to the side; for straight or shoulder-length hair, try the wind-swept messy look (spray hair with a texturizer first); and for longer hair, go for easy waves (pump up waves with a curling iron and hair spray) or a side ponytail.


2. The Fedora: The cool fedora adds a menswear edge to a look, so keep things feminine with free-flowing hair and easy, air-dried waves. Also, try pulling hair back into a loose bun and tucking it up underneath the hat. Make sure to allow some tendrils to sneak out in front for a laid-back, less polished look.



3. The Headwrap: Turban lovers rejoice! You can still get the look without fully turbaning up. The headwrap is great for shorter hair—try flipping the ends a bit for a cute retro look—and for longer hair, messy, imperfect braids offer a relaxed, carefree contrast to the wrap's sophisticated feel.


4. The Riding Cap: Add an equestrian vibe with a more structured hat; a smooth side ponytail or braid keeps it ladylike. To combat fly-aways, apply a smoothing serum to the ponytail or braid.

5. The Aviator & The Trapper: This hat is more substantial (and warm) so it looks better with shoulder length hair or longer. Either wavy or straight hair work and again, the messy look is a great fit here.


6. The Wide Brim: Big, '70s volume is an ideal complement to this floppy favorite. If you're going for full-on wild style, start with a volumizing mousse and brush out curls made with rollers or a curling iron. Spray with a strong hold hairspray to set the look. If your hair is already curly, don't fight the frizz, just set with a light gel and brush out a few curls.