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WINTER COLORS 2012-2013 (part 2)

Cool Chestnut
If you want to stick with being a brunette but want to mix up your look—or go a little darker if you're a blonde—opt for a light chestnut brown, like Olivia Palermo's shade.
From MM Beauty shades the right choice to get this cool colour is MM Beauty Colour Sense S07 Wild Chestnut.

Brunette Bombshell
Rich, chocolate brown hair with golden strands woven in toward the ends give a fresh twist on brunette hair color for fall.
From our MM Beauty Colour Sense palette you should go to  MM Beauty Colour Sense S08 Milk cocoa The golden tones won't show up as much as they do on Jessica (hers is professionally colored), but your hair will look multi-dimensional.

Dark and Daring
If you're already a brunette but want a deeper version, go for a look like Kim Kardashian's. Just be careful not to get too dark, since it might look unnatural. Try with MM Beauty Colour Sense S09 Spicy chocolate and you won’t regret it.