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Hair color according to your zodiac ( Part 2)

LIBRA Proper, well mannered, and comfortable in social situations, a Libra dons apparel that is pretty but with a quiet and understated elegance. Champagne, ash, or honey blonde, or a dark subdued blonde, captures the grace and refinement of the classy Libra.

SCORPIO Mysterious, intense, dramatic, and secretive, a Scorpio enjoys exploring the dark side of life and may be controlling, but also has the power to heal. Jet-black or deep brown hair color defines the mystique and depth of the Scorpio.

SAGGITARIUS Adventurous and optimistic, a Sagittarius enjoys traveling, may be an inspiring teacher, and believes that the way to learn about life is to experience it. The blaze of this boundless enthusiasm and burning spirit radiates with flaming, copper-red or ginger hair color.

CAPRICORN Serious, ambitious, and desiring of power, wealth, and material security, a Capricorn's expensive tastes are resonated in a hair color that must at least look costly. A rich dark brown suits the image of the classy, conservative, and reserved Capricorn.

AQUARIUS  Unique, unconventional, outlandish, avant-garde, ahead of the times... Aquarians like to shock the world, and their eccentric and outrageous attitude can be expressed with edgy two-tone hair such as hot pink and electric blue or chunky highlights of purple or green.


PISCES Creative, imaginative, mystical, and dreamy, Pisceans seem to be attuned to a higher dimension. They are gifted artists, actors, musicians, dancers, and photographers. Angel hair - light blonde, pale grayish-yellow, or flaxen locks echoes the ethereal essence of the otherworldly Pisces.