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And after basic color theme, let’s bring up one of the most controversial questions since the beginning of time…WHO IS BETTER

Еvery woman(especially if she had all this three basic colorsby now) obviously know that that hair color does not make one better. However men and society has dictated otherwise.  Well let's explore...

The Myths

Lets take a look at the myths and stereotypes about each type.

Blondes per say are supposed to be dumb. You don't hear the phrase Brunette or redhead joke do you? Blondes are also supposed to be more fun!. The "dumb" stereotype can be blamed on the movie starlets of yesteryear. Many who played the part of a not so smart gal with bleach blonde hair. Classic blonde? Marylin Monroe!

Brunettes are naturally smart and dependable. They are also very sophisticated!

Redheads have a feisty temper and are very alluring to men. As stated in one of the articles I read " red stands for passion and when a man sees a woman with red hair he thinks he has met someone who gets to the point and won't mess around when it comes to sex."


An article published in Mail Online in August of 2006 states redheads have more sex and more sexual partners than blondes or brunettes. This information was compiled by a doctor in Germany who studied 100 German women. It further states a woman who dyes her hair red is stating she ready to find a mate or that she is unhappy in her relationship.


One of the most famous hair color brands did a study on woman's hair color and came up with some surprising results. Brunettes were found tоbe more fun than the blonde's and redheads. This study also indicates Brunettes are more successful in the workplace and in the bedroom ( You go Brunettes!!) Of the 6000 people surveyed it was determined that Brunettes are most likely going to make between 60,000 and 80,000 a year. Study indicated that 71% would prefer a brunette for a long term relationship ( well duh if she makes 60 thou she's akeeper!). 81% felt that brunettes were most genuine and 71% felt they were the least moody. This study concludes that the brown hair goes with confidence and self awareness. 3000 men that participated in this poll stated brunettes wear down to earth and they were more likely to settle down with one than compared to their counterparts


In the same study, suggested that men found blondes to be fun and better girlfriends (even though they settled down with a brunette). In another poll of 80 men surveyed 55% preferred blondes. Along with the blonde hair men also preferred blue eyes. The author of this poll suggested that men were equating blonde hair and blue eyes to youth!

So who is the best? The best at what? When it comes down to it hair color shouldn't really matter. Society has given us some stereotypes and it is up to all of us red heads, brunettes and blondes go against the grain.