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Latest trends in hair colors this FALL 2015

Single-Process Color

Single-process hair color is what you want to ask for at the salon if you want an all-over hue update. The hair is just one tone from scalp to ends. It's also referred to as a base color. For covering gray hair, a single-process is all you need.

Double-Process Color

A double process is a base color plus highlights. Make sure to book additional time at the salon if you want a two-step hair change, which looks more natural in the end. Double-process has gotten a bad reputation over the years, but it doesn't have to be unhealthy for the hair when done by a professional.


Babylights are placed around your hairline and on your part. It doesn’t go too deep within your hair and it's good for fine hair. The technique is taking really small pieces. Take a traditional highlight and cut it in half.

Ponytail Highlights

If a youwears a lot of updos,add in a few ponytail highlights near the nape and over the ears.Keep some highlights around the whole perimeter of your head because it seems lighter without doing full, internal highlights. When you lift the hair, you have just the few highlights over the darkness, and it looks natural.


Is she blonde or brunette? No one really knows. That's why colorist created a term just for that middle space — bronde. They described it as taking a woman with dark blonde or light brown hair and adding a layer of highlights.