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Amazing 4 ways to look better thanks to your haircut

We know one secret to finding the most flattering hairstyle is to consider your face shape. But NYC salon owner and hairstylist Eva Scrivo dives deep into how a hairstyle can do more than just flatter your facial features. A truly amazing hairstyle will improve your overall appearance from head to toe. Because who wouldn’t want to look taller, thinner, younger, and healthier

The Shorter Haircut Can Make You Look Taller

If you’re petite and wish to look taller, consider a short haircut. That may sound counterintuitive, but Scrivo explains: “A petite woman who wears her hair very long can seem even smaller in stature because the scale of the hair is not proportionate and overwhelming to her figure. If the hair were shorter, the focus would move up toward the face and visually lift up a petite frame.” Vanessa Hudgens is a great example. See how she looks taller with a shorter hair?

A Long Bob Can Make You Look Thinner

“The length and shape of your hair have to work in proportion to your entire body,” explains Scrivo. She gives this example: Someone with a larger frame could benefit from growing out her hair to her clavicle or longer, in order to slim and elongate her face. For example, check out how Kelly Osbourne looks at least five pounds thinner just by growing her hair her out longer.

Bangs Can Make You Look Younger

As Scrivo says, “Bangs or Botox?” The right type of fringe can easily make you look younger. Not only do bangs look fun and flirty, they hide fine lines and can soften your whole face. Bangs can also help draw one’s focus to a feature you want to play up, in turn taking the focus off any age-revealing flaws like crow’s feet or sunspots. Cut bangs just above your brows to emphasize your eyes, like Tyra Banks, or go for a longer bang to bring the focus to your lips.

Hair Color Can Make You Look Healthier

Since your hair color frames your face, it can dramatically affect how your skin looks, explains Scrivo. If you look tired, swallow, or blotchy, chances are, your hair color isn’t right. Hair that is too warm or brassy can worsen any redness in your face and hair that is too light like Leona Lewis “before” hair color or too dark can make you look washed out. The best fix is to have a consultation with a professional hair colorist to determine which hue will make you look glowing, vibrant and healthy.