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BALAYAGE - the old-new name of OMBRE hair effect

Balayage its a technique to coloring hair which is invented to make your hair highlights look more naturally. As the hair growing, this almost invisible highlight are not so hard to care of. There are a lot ot celebrities with this type of hairstyle and it makes their hair look beautiful.

This techniques take roots from Paris in 1970's. The word "balayage" comes from french language and literally means "brushing" - as an assosiation with the technique of applying colour on the hair. The most famous times for balayage are in 1990's in USA, where you can find word spelled also as "balliage".

The making of balayage on hair is not so easy  - your hairdresser must spread the color quick on your hair from thinner layer in the roots to thicker layer in the ends. The end result is a sun-kissed, natural effect in your hair. In the proccess of hair growth in the first few months, the color in the hair roots smoothly comes like your natural color and doesn't make a sharp contrast .

In the difference with regular hair highlights made with foil, the balayage treated hair look way much naturally and sophisticated. The balayage can be with gentle, almost invisible contrast with your natural hair color or  with sharp contrast. Balayage is suitable for any hair lengh.

Alсo there is a consept wich combines regular hair highlights with balayage to make a brighter end result with more vivid colors.

There are some great balayage hairstyles made from the best hairstyle professionals in the world and our advice is to go in a nice salon if you want to get a balayage.