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Hair colors MOST WANTED all over the world

Yes, there are some really "all-wanted" hair colors and here they are...

Michelle Williams Frosty platinum blond.

Reese Witherspoon blonded-up natural blond with pale buttery tone

Kate Bosworth blond hair strawberry blonde undertones and gold-flecked highlights.

Taylor Swift darker blond with an ash blond base with lighter highlights through the ends and around the top.

Red, golden and strawberry all in one Jessica Chastain

Shiny, auburn brown but with some red undertones Mila Kunis 

Jessica Alba bleach blond tips provide a mellow contrast to the toffee strands.

Jennifer Garner A sprinkling of honey highlights

Jennifer Lopez Medium brown strands, try thin ribbons of caramel highlights woven in from mid-shaft down.

Zooey Deschanel A rich all-over espresso is a low-maintenance alternative to edgy ombre.