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What is your color season?

Depending on the tone of your skin and hair and eye color, you are a certain color season, like Dark Autumn, Cool Winter, Light Spring, etc, and if you wear the colors in the palette designated for your season, you will look absolutely amazing every day.

So what's your season? To initially narrow it down, Springs and Autumns have warm skin undertones (veins look green) and Winters and Summers have cool skin undertones (veins look blue).

If everything about your coloring is cool with no yellow or red you are a cool season, either a Cool Winter or Cool Summer.

If you have warm skin, eyes and hair you are a warm season, either a Warm Autumn or Warm Spring.

You're a clear season if your eyes are very bright and have a sparkling, jewel-like quality to them.

You're a light season if everything about your coloring is extremely light and delicate-looking.

You're a soft season if everything is very soft and blended and mid-tone and nothing really stands out.

You're a dark season if the darkness of your features that are your most noticeable quality.

The most important thing to do is to stand back and figure out your most predominant quality: soft, clear, warm, cool, dark or light. There are various tests you can take online, and you can actually get your colors professionally analyzed by a color analyst, but the charts I've attached below are a good overview of the seasons.