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Best sunglasses for you face shape

There is spring already and the best season to show you new sunglasses is comming. Sunglasses are one of the women's favorite accessory ...and a very needed one ny the way.

If you want to be a really gorgeous, just choose your sunglasses very carefully to fit your face shape, your haircut and. not in the last place - to be comfortable to wear.  

We know, that is an important theme for every stylish gils, so bellow you can see some tips:


If you have a heart-shaped face, stay away from oversized shades because they will cover the top half of your face and bring even more attention to your forehead.


Oval-face shapes can wear a variety of different sunglass styles. Stay away from oversized frames though, since oval faces tend to have smaller features, and larger frames can make your face look smaller than it really is.


When choosing sunglasses, make sure you opt for a pair that's the same size as your face with sculpted angles. If you choose a pair that's narrower, your face will appear rounder than it already is.


Oval and cat-eye frames tend to work best for this face shape. The rounded edges soften the angular planes of your face.