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Precautions for use

Prior to you proceed to use MMBEAUTY PERMANENT phyto hair-colour/ MMBEAUTY Colour Sense AMMONIA FREE phyto hair-colour:

  • The result from colouring depends on the natural colour and structure of your hair.
  • Best results will be achieved when the colour chosen by you is close to your present hair colour.

If your hair is of LIGHTER shade than the recommended one, the result from colouring may be more intensive as compared to the colour indicated on the packing or in the catalogue.

If your hair is of DARKER shade than the recommended one, it is not advised to use this colour because the result from colouring may be a bit more intensive than the colour shown on the packing or in the catalogue.

Precautions during application:

Hair dyes may cause serious allergic reactions.

Read and follow the instructions of application.

Always perform the sensitivity test 48 hours prior to application of this product even if you have previously used hair colour of the same or other brand.

  • SENSITIVITY TEST (48 hours before colouring): Mix small but equal amounts of the colour and the cream developer. Apply small amount of the mixture thinly behind the ear or inside the bend of the elbow, and leave for 48 hours without rinsing. If allergic reactions appear within this period, do not use the colour. Regardless of the test negative result, allergic reaction may occur.
  • The product is not intended for use by persons aged under 16 years.
  • Temporary tattoos with black henna may increase the risk of allergy.

Do not dye your hair if you:

  • Have rash on the face, or your scalp is very sensitive, inflamed or injured;
  • Have already had any reaction after hair colouring;
  • Have previously had reaction after temporary tattooing with black henna.

Contains phenylenediamines (toluol-diamines), resorcinol 1-naphthol, thioglycolate and hydrogen peroxide. If during application of colour, itching, rash or reddening of skin appears, rinse colour with warm water, stop application and seek medical advice. Do not use for colouring of eyelashes and eyebrows. Rinse thoroughly the hair after application. Avoid contact with the eyes and skin. Rinse immediately the eyes in case of contact with the product and seek medical advice. Do not inhale or ingest the product. Wear protective gloves. It is not recommended to colour the hair immediately after cold waving, bleaching, colouring with henna or metal-containing dyes. Do not use metal container or metal comb. Always colour with newly prepared mixture. Never keep the mixture for next application because it completely loses its properties. Keep away from children. Store the product in dry and cool place at temperature 50 - 250 С, away from heat sources and direct sunlight.